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Drain Cleaning

Protection Plan

Draintech specializes in commercial drainage systems. Wastewater drain flow connections involve interior sinks, showers or tubs, toilets, and laundry, flowing through the property’s mainline sewer pipe into the city’s sewer network. Stormwater runoff drains involve exterior parking lot catch basins, curb inlet drains and possibly a retention pond to handle heavy rainfall.

Drain Cleaning

Water Flow Maintenance & Monitoring

Flow Technology

Unlike most plumbing firms who simply offer annual backflow certification, FLOW is our specialty service brand who is certified by the State of Texas and prioritizes sustainability. Our specialty brand seeks to lower water costs for commercial properties with subscription-based agreements.

Water Flow Maintenance & Monitoring

Camera Inspection

Drain Technolocy

Draintech operates advanced drain technology equipment. We prefer to survey a property’s drainage system and use our selection of drain cameras based on the pipe size for pipe inspections, investigations and promptly solving any drain flow problem. We can digitally record for transparency, fast communication and record keeping.

Camera Inspection

Pump/Lift Station

Multifamily Maintenance

We are pump/lift station experts, knowing any stoppage is serious and can also impact public health, disrupt normal business and impair relationships with tenants or their quests. In many areas, a local health inspector could be notified if a failure occurs. The failure of the lift station may cause a property’s drainage plumbing system to completely shut down or the pump/lift station could overflow causing an environmental event.

Pump Lift Station

Quick Service On Emergency Call - 24/7

To help solve emergencies, drain technology includes cameras, cable machines and hydro-jetting technology. Draintech partners with Sewertech’s hydro-jetting service. Hydro-jetting is a safe process using high-pressure water flow to flush, clean and scour the interior of plumbing pipes.