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Healthy Occupants, Healthy Building
Incentive-Aligned To Simplify, Lower Costs, Improve The User Experience Of Leasing

Smart Water & Drain Flow Is The Future

We Are a Group of Professional Drain Experts

Who We Are

Draintech is a property technology platform, empowering the building industry with tech-enabled solutions and field service benefits.

Our Drain-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform frees real estate owners and management companies to go above and beyond for residents and guests. Our purpose is to help property’s attract new residents who stay longer, pay more for these modern lifestyle conveniences and optimize ownership costs.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Our Plumbing Roots

Our drainage and plumbing roots began in 1905 with a family plumbing company, installing indoor plumbing. During the Great Depression, drain cleaning and sewer repair became the surviving service focus.

Since the 1980’s, our drain experts have history leading one of America’s largest, publicly-traded, national plumbing/HVAC home service companies, two national environmental & sewer firms, and a global, Hong Kong-based, water technology IOT group.

Our DrainTech Story

In 2015, the founders of Draintech, formerly Sewertech, launched a part-time, emergency sewer & drain cleaning business while holding corporate environmental positions. Most clients understood the word “drain” better and we committed to be full-time, so in 2022, we changed the name and our business model..

 Subscription-based, drain flow protection is a new business model in the US, disrupting the traditional emergency plumbing, sewer & drain industry. As the US began to build large mid-rise luxury apartments with 300+ units, Draintech shifted from their emergency service model, now offering valet drain, or per/unit subscription.

Our Story

Focused on Resident’s Health & Wellness

Our Why: Proptech Makes A Difference

Smart buildings are the future. PropTech (property technology) describes a technology-based platform that aims to improve real estate processes, efficiency, and how property is managed. Technology is reshaping urban property management to adopt sustainable models.

Commercial properties served by scaling our subscription model:

Our Why
Smart Drainage: IOT Sensors & Monitoring

Smart Drainage: IOT Sensors & Monitoring

Smart water and drain flow optimizes building ownership and sustainability. Wifi-based IOT technology allows for real-time data insights and monitoring of your building’s water & drain flow infrastructure.

Every commercial building needs to accurately measure, audit & confirm water & sewer charges based on usage or quality. Draintech offers inline technology connected to our mobile app for real-time alerts on leaks or usage analysis.

Team History Timeline

Our team have worked in the water & wastewater and sewer & drain (plumbing infrastructure industry).

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Plumbing Sewer and Drain, Home Service


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Plumbing Intelligence Digitizing Assets
Founded as SewerTech


We’re challenging the industry’s status quo

The drain/plumbing service industry's antiquated technology, inefficient practices, and questionable diagnostics mean that apartment owners ultimately pay high prices and experience emergency-oriented trust issues. By putting tenants first and developing modern, "incentive-aligned" tech solutions, Drain Tech's DaaS platform is changing the property industry.

We Offer a Full Line of Drain Protection Services Using the Most Advanced Drain & Sewer Technologies

Core Purpose

Enrich life & health of our world by how we value, use & manage water

Company Mission

To change how properties experience water & drainage costs & risks, by offering an affordable, subscription-based tenant fee

Company Vision

To be a tech-enabled leader in property water & drain flow solutions

Why Choose Us

Connected Buildings Platform

Digitalization of property maintenance, accelerated by COVID-19, simplifies on-demand services expected by residents today. Through the use of technology, we help properties incur operational efficiencies and enhance resident’s maintenance experiences.

Affordable Drain Solutions

We’re changing the plumbing industry by offering an affordable emergency repair plan with our fixed cost/per unit pricing model that can help provide protection against costly and unscrupulous practices. Our protection plan offers:

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind - Rest easy when you are covered 24/7 with guaranteed work
Simplicity - Fewer maintenance hassles when you let our highly-trained, professional team take care of your repair
Fixed Budget
Fixed Budget - No hidden costs with ur low fee/per unit allows Landlords to include in tenant’s lease