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Merging PropTech, FinTech & ClimateTech

Protect Loyalty & Profits Being Drained

Draintech, a FLOW Intelligence brand, is a subscription-based, proptech platform focused on water & drain flow building intelligence to improve operational efficiencies, enhance building & resident health and promote leasing.

Draintech focuses on technologies to decarbonize the $10.5 trillion real estate industry that accounts for nearly 40% of the world’s carbon emissions. Water is one of the planets most precious resources involved in protecting our planet. All urban buildings require water & drain flow to be opened to the public. If water or drain flow stops, health departments require the building or business to close.

Resident Retention

Simplify Property Care With Smart Technology

Turnover comes with all kinds of costs: make-ready maintenance & repairs, staff time, marketing, utilities and social media branding. We help simplify your operations using technology that works to ensure residents are heard quickly & appreciated, by expediting the problem-solving process.

“Apartment Association surveys report that slow maintenance response is the #1 cause of residents leaving or not renewing a lease”

At Draintech, we employ smart technologies. Residents can communicate 24/7 about their drainage needs or water concerns. Our advanced drain technologies include mobile apps, sensors & monitoring devices, inspection cameras, and modern drain cleaning & sewer jetting equipment.

Multifamily Property
Drain Flow Services

Multifamily Subscribers Enjoy A Simplified Way To Manage Property

Draintech’s drain flow protection plans make calling for services simple. Residents can communicate 24/7 about their drain or water concerns, preventing small issues from becoming a maintenance risk. Everything is documented, tracked and optimized to provide accountability and keep you informed. Get the peace of mind with subscription reliability.


Water & Drain Flow Technology & Sensor / Monitoring

Draintech specializes in commercial drain & water flow. Our technicians understand how both sanitary & storm drains flow.

Our drain technology offers sensors & monitoring benefits- mobile alerts, data insights, risk mitigation against flooding & compliance violations, and cost control.


Camera Inspections

With our advanced camera technology, we can inspect your plumbing systems pipes, both interior drains or exterior sewer lines to provide you the true problem or health status of your plumbing system.


Pump/Lift Station

Often not seen on multifamily and commercial properties, is an underground pumping system that pumps wastewater and/or stormwater to the a city’s main sewer system. A pump/lift station is critical to a drainage plumbing system and is comprised of a wet well, pumps with floats and a control panel. We are experts in pump/lift station maintenance and monitoring.

Smart Drains: Technology To Prevent Insurance Claims

Smart Drains are the real future of drainage cleaning. The thought behind smart drains is to act before a blockage disrupts the whole drainage system and causes property damage from water or a sewage overflow. When storm drains become blocked with leaves, trash or debris, it can cause flooding inconvenience and even property damage in the event of sudden and sustained rainfall. Smart drain monitors help to limit insurance claims.

Your Access To Simplified Property Care, Lower Cost Amenities


We respect the privacy of our commercial, industrial and community customers who share their customer experiences:

We heard about Draintech from other property owners and experienced the same prompt, honest and professional result. Trusting a diagnostic assessment and solution was confirmed by a camera.
Multifamily Owner
When our pump/lift station failed, our baseball stadium was referred to Draintech by our mechanical contractor. The Draintech team offered a low-cost, creative solution that met our time pressure before the next home game.
Astros Management
During a heavy rainfall, our stormwater drains were full of debris and nearly flooded our 1st-floor apartment complex. Draintech surveyed our drain system, flushed every storm drain and in 5 years we have not had one storm drain issue.
Property Management Company

Subscription Care For Your Mid-Rise Or High-Rise Property

Draintech is a fee/per unit subscription-based service that provides drain care & repair for your property. Our Protection Plan covers costs of drainage flow, helps prevent problems from happening, and coordinates services with your tenants. We protect your tenant happiness and property assets.